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Sinethemba Resource Documents:

What Your Friends and Family Need to Know_2[1]


Taken (with permission) from Project Hopeful’s resource website:


HIV and Adoption_FACTS



Ontario HIV Activism and Resource Documents:





Draft WHO Pediatric ARV Guidelines



Guidelines for Use_ARV Agents

Drug Tables_Appendix_PediatricARV Guidelines<


1) Adopting and Advocating for the Special Needs Child, A Guide for Parents and Professionals. Bergin and Garvey. Westport, Connecticut. 1997.

2) Successful Adoptive Families, A Longitudinal Study of Special needs Adoption. V. Groze. Paeger, Westport, Connecticut, London. 1996.

3) Adopting the Hurt Child. Hope for Families with Special Needs Kids. G. Keck and R. Kupecky. Pinon Press. 1995.

4) Beating the Adoption Odds, Using your Head and your Heart to Adopt. C. Martin and D. Groves. A Harvest Original. Harcourt, Inc, San Diego, New York, London. 1998.

5) The Sibling Slam Book. What it’s really like to have a sibling with Special Needs. D. Meyer. Woodbine House. 2005.

6) Disclosing HIV/AIDS to Children: The Paths We Take – Dale DeMatteo

7) How Do I Tell My Kids? A Disclosure Booklet about HIV/AIDS in the Family Published by The Teresa Group:

8) HIV/AIDS in Young Adult Novels: An Annotated Bibliography – Melissa Gross

9) Warrior Princess – Princess Kasuni Zulu

10) Nutrition and HIV: A New Model for Treatment – Mary Romeyn

11) Children, Families, and HIV/AIDS: Therapeutic Issues – Nancy Boyd-Franklin, Gloria Steiner

12) Handbook of Pediatric HIV Care – Steven L. Zeichner, Jennifer S. Read

13) Interface Between Pediatrics and Children’s Mental Health, an Issue of Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Clinics of North America – Sandra L. Fritsch

14) Growing Up Strong (What Every Parent Should Know About Self-Concept In Children With Long-Term Illnesses). – Mary Burkett


1) The Wisdom and Wit of Whores: Bureaucrats, Brothels and the Business of AIDS, Elizabeth Pasani, 2008.

2) 100 Questions and Answers about HIV/AIDS – Joel Gallant

3) Wise Before Their Time: People With AIDS And HIV Talks About Their Lives – Ann Richardson

4) Sundays are for Funerals – Unity Dow and Max Essex

5) Nkosi’s Story – Jane Fox

6) Race Against Time – Stephen Lewis

7) 28: Stories of AIDS in Africa, Stephanie Nolen, 2007

8) HIV/AIDS: A Very Short Introduction – Alan Whiteside

9) The Naked Truth: Young, Beautiful, And (HIV) Positive – Marvelyn Brown

10) Impacts and Interventions: The HIV/AIDS Epidemic and the Children of South Africa – Jeff Gow and Chris Desmond

11) HIV/AIDS and Childbearing: Public Policy and Private Lives – Ruth R. Faden and Nancy Kass

12) HIV/AIDS in South Africa: 25 years on – Poul Rohleder, Leslie Swartz, Seth C. Kalichman, Leickness C. Simbayi

13) HIV/AIDS and Sub-Saharan Africa: Politics, Aid, and Globalization – Adrian Flint

14) African Americans and HIV/AIDS: A Community in Crisis – Donna H. McCree, Kenneth T. Jones, Ann O’Leary


1) Hi…I am HIV Positive, Fiona Khan, 2008.

2) Brenda has a Dragon in her Blood – Hijltje Vink

3) Myths and Facts about HIV and AIDS – Anna Forbes

4) HIV/Aids Information for Children: A Guide to Issues and Resources (Hardcover) – Virginia A. Walter and Melissa Gross

5) Alex, the kids with AIDS – Linda Walvoord Girard and Blanche Sims

6) AIDS and HIV: The Facts for Kids (Kids’ Guide to Disease and Wellness) – Rae Simons, Elise DeVore Berlan, MD, and MPH, 2008

7) What Happened to Monday? (HIV/AIDS Action Readers) – Uloma Hafstad – 2006

8) Be a Friend: Children Who Live With HIV Speak (An Albert Whitman Prairie Book) – Aprille Best, Philip A., M.D. Pizzo, and Lori S. Wiener – 1996

9) David Has AIDS (In Our Neighborhood Series) – Doris Sanford and Graci Evans – 1989

10) What’s AIDS Mom? – Judy Bruce-Brand, Merewyn de Heer, and William Sinclair Winship – 2000

11) Hopes, Wishes and Dreams: A Book of Art and Writing by Children Living with HIV/AIDS in their Family – Published by The Teresa Group:

12) Bye-Bye Secrets: A Book About Children Living With HIV or AIDS in their Family Published by The Teresa Group:

13) I Have a Secret – JB Terry-Smith

14) The Gathering Tree (Canadian) – Chee Mamuk


1) AIDS & HIV: Risky Business (Teen Issues) by Daniel Jussim – 1997

2) Frequently Asked Questions about AIDS and HIV: A Teen Life – Richard Robinson

3) Youth With HIV/AIDS: Living With the Diagnosis (Helping Youth With Mental, Physical, and Social Challenges) – Kenneth MacIntosh and Ida Walker

4) Teen Health Course 3, Modules, HIV/AIDS by McGraw-Hill – 2002

5) Youths Living with HIV: Self-Evident Truths – G Cajetan Luna

6) Teenagers, HIV, and AIDS: Insights from Youths Living with the Virus – Maureen Lyon


1) Factors Associated with Distress Among Support Seeking Adoptive Parents, G. Bird, R. Peterson, S. Miller. Family Relations, 51, 215-220.

2) HIV/AIDS, Stigma and Children, A Literature Review. H. Deacon and I. Stephney. HSRC Press. 2007.

3) Factors Contributing to Family Functioning of Adoptive Children with Special Needs: A Long Term Outcome Analysis. S. Erich and P. Leung. Children and Youth Services Review, 20 1&2, 135-150. 1998.

4) Outcomes of Adoption of Children with Special Needs, J. Rosenthal, Adoption, Vol. 3, No.1.

5) HIV/AIDS, Stigma and Children, A Literature Review. H. Deacon and I. Stephney. HSRC Press. 2007. (

6) Programs and Services Booklet – Teresa Group – Ontario Based organization that supports children and families affected by HIV/AIDS:


1) Tiny Tears – HIV epidemic and how it affects children around the world – Narrated by Danny Glover,

2) HIV to HOME – HIV Adoption Webinar:

3) HIV and Children – AIDS Map –

4) We Are Dad – Documentary of two men and their battle in the USA to adopt 7 children, 2 of whom are HIV+:

5) Bethany Adoptions – HIV Toolkit:

6) The Ryan White Story – 1989 made-for-TV movie based on the life of Indiana teen, Ryan White, and his battle to attend school after being expelled due to his HIV status.

7) Zero Patience (1993) – AIDS musical depicting the media, government and scientists response to HIV/AIDS in the 1980’s

8) Three Needles – three stories about the HIV epidemic in South Africa, China and Canada (2005).

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